[Nagiosplug-help] Configure unable to find MySQL libs

Andreas Ericsson ae at op5.se
Sun Feb 27 23:15:06 CET 2005

Robert Maij wrote:
> I have downloaded and installed the MySQL 4.1.10 Standard binaries and set
> it up in /sqldb on my RedHat 9 server.  The MySQL is running fine.  I am
> installing Nagios on the server and when I do a ./configure
> --with-mysql=/sqldb, I get a warning about the MySQL client libs.  I only
> have a lib directory.  I don't have lib/mysql, so I removed /mysql from the
> line in the ./configure file and tried it again.  It still does not find it.
> /sqldb/lib
> libdbug.a  libmygcc.a  libmysqlclient.a  libmysqlclient_r.a  libmysqld.a
> libmysql.imp  libmystrings.a  libmysys.a

You will need either the shared libraries, or you'll have to link 
check_mysql statically.

> /sqldb/include
> config.h      keycache.h  my_base.h     myisam.h         my_semaphore.h
> my_sys.h    sha1.h             thr_lock.h
> config-os2.h  m_ctype.h   my_bitmap.h   myisammrg.h      mysql_com.h
> my_time.h   sql_common.h       typelib.h
> errmsg.h      md5.h       my_config.h   myisampack.h     mysqld_error.h
> my_tree.h   sql_state.h        violite.h
> ft_global.h   merge.h     my_dbug.h     my_list.h        mysql_embed.h
> my_xml.h    sslopt-case.h
> hash.h        m_string.h  my_dir.h      my_net.h         mysql.h
> nisam.h     sslopt-longopts.h
> heap.h        my_aes.h    my_getopt.h   my_no_pthread.h  mysql_time.h
> queues.h    sslopt-vars.h
> help_end.h    my_alarm.h  my_global.h   my_nosys.h       mysql_version.h
> raid.h      t_ctype.h
> help_start.h  my_alloc.h  my_handler.h  my_pthread.h     mysys_err.h
> rijndael.h  thr_alarm.h
> BTW plugins 1.4
> Am I missing something??  Thanks n advance for any help

Apparently the mysql header files. You'll need to install them.

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