[Nagiosplug-help] Interesting problem when checking remote host

Andre Plante aplante at dinmar.com
Wed Jul 6 07:13:40 CEST 2005

I am trying to setup some monitoring on a remote host.  On the remote
host, I have installed the nagios-plugins, version 1.4, as well as nrpe,
version 2.0.
When on this host, I can run all my checks locally and they run fine.
The results that are returned when I run the commands in the nrpe.cfg
are accurate.
However, when I try and run a check_nrpe command from the monitoring
host, I get incorrect values back.
For example:
On the monitored host, I do:
/usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_procs -w 1:3 -c 1:3 -C crond
and get:
PROCS OK: 1 process with command name 'crond'
On the monitoring host I try:
./check_nrpe -H 216.x.x.x -p 5666 -c check_crond_proc
and get:
PROCS CRITICAL: 0 processes with command name 'crond'
I have tried this with and without the port number (to ensure that it is
not the culprit, and get the same result back.  I know that the
communication is working because when I try it with total procs, I get
in the 40 range on the monitored host, but only 4 when on the monitoring
Any help is greatly appreciated!
Andre Plante
Network Administrator
400-495 March Rd.
Kanata, ON  K2K 3G1
email: aplante at dinmar.com
Phone: 613-287-3130 ext. 477

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