[Nagiosplug-help] Monitoring Linux cpu and memory with nrpe

Nicole Albee albeni01 at luther.edu
Thu Jun 30 05:54:22 CEST 2005

Hi Paul,				

I use nrpe to check the cpu and memormy on a server other than the
 one running nagios.

I install nrpe on the remote server and enable xinetd which it runs
 through.  Then I get nrpe to work and call the checks through it.
 (first check nrpe by: check_nrpe or check_nrpe2 -H .... from the
 command line)

Nagios config files look like in services:

define service{

        use                           generic-service

        host_name                     <server name>

        service_description           DISK /

        is_volatile                   0

        check_period                  24x7

        max_check_attempts            3

        normal_check_interval         5

        retry_check_interval          1

        contact_groups                dump

        notification_interval         240

        notification_period           24x7

        notification_options          c,r

        check_command                 check_nrpe2!check_disk1


nrpe v 2 is not comatable with nrpe v 1.x.

- Nicole Albee (albeni01)


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> I am trying to monitor memory usage and cpu usage on a linux server

> which are the best plugins to use for that purpose?




> Thanks in advance..



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