[Nagiosplug-help] problems with check_load, check_ping, check_dns and check_dig on redhat el4

Rainer Traut tr.ml at gmx.de
Tue May 24 00:09:10 CEST 2005

thanks for your answer.

Andreas Ericsson wrote:
> Rainer Traut wrote:

>> I am using Dag Wieers rpm nagios-plugins-1.4-2.2.el4.rf on el4.
>> There are a couple of problems I found, besides check_ping I have not 
>> found a bugreport.
>> check_ping:
>> [root at jupiter ~]# ./check_ping -H -w 2,10% -c 5,20%
>> /bin/ping -n -U -w 10 -c 5
>> CRITICAL - Could not interpret output from ping command
>> There seems to be a bugreport from January.

> This is a common problem on Fedora Core (which I assume you're using). 
Almost, it's Redhat Enterprise 4.

> Try check_icmp. It's at http://oss.op5.se/nagios
> Just download, type make and copy the plugin to your libexec directory.

Thanks for the hint, I'm using the 1.3 version of check_ping, which also
But it's a little sad, the most import plugin does not work.

>> check_load:
>> [root at jupiter ~]# /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_load -w 1,1,1 -c 2,2,2
>> Warning threshold must be float or float triplet!
>> Usage: check_load -w WLOAD1,WLOAD5,WLOAD15 -c CLOAD1,CLOAD5,CLOAD15
>> [root at jupiter ~]# /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_load -w 1 -c 2
>> OK - load average: 
>> 0,02,0,01,0,00|load1=0,020000;1,000000;2,000000;0,000000load5=0,010000;1,000000;2,000000;0,000000load15=0,000000;1,000000;2,000000;0,000000 
>> Looks like it doesn't like a triplet?
> This is a locale problem. The plugin accepts triplets but the separator 
> MUST be . (a dot), while the localized message turns the output of the 
> help message into the comma-separated list you see.
> export LC_ALL=C
> and rerun the plugin with --help and you'll get the real help message.

Hmm, no.

[root at jupiter ~]# export LC_ALL=C
[root at jupiter ~]# /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_load -help
check_load (nagios-plugins 1.4) 1.27
Copyright (c) 1999 Felipe Gustavo de Almeida <galmeida at linux.ime.usp.br>
Copyright (c) 1999-2004 Nagios Plugin Development Team
         <nagiosplug-devel at lists.sourceforge.net>

This plugin tests the current system load average.

Usage: check_load -w WLOAD1,WLOAD5,WLOAD15 -c CLOAD1,CLOAD5,CLOAD15

  -h, --help
     Print detailed help screen
  -V, --version
     Print version information
  -w, --warning=WLOAD1,WLOAD5,WLOAD15
    Exit with WARNING status if load average exceeds WLOADn
  -c, --critical=CLOAD1,CLOAD5,CLOAD15
    Exit with CRITICAL status if load average exceed CLOADn

the load average format is the same used by "uptime" and "w"

Send email to nagios-users at lists.sourceforge.net if you have questions
regarding use of this software. To submit patches or suggest improvements,
send email to nagiosplug-devel at lists.sourceforge.net
[root at jupiter ~]# /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_load -w 1.1.1 -c 2.2.2
Warning threshold must be float or float triplet!

Usage: check_load -w WLOAD1,WLOAD5,WLOAD15 -c CLOAD1,CLOAD5,CLOAD15

Thank you

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