[Nagiosplug-help] Broken check_procs plug-in on Fedora 3

Ralph.Grothe at itdz-berlin.de Ralph.Grothe at itdz-berlin.de
Thu Apr 6 03:06:18 CEST 2006

Thanks Ton, 
for checking this for me.
(so it's always advisable to use a current release)

I am afraid that I haven't found the time to do it myself yet
because at the moment I am struggling with some weird nrpe
It looks to me as if my Linux nrpe build isn't SIGHUP aware.
But even the init script restart through "service nrpe restart"
didn't make my new check_blabla_proc command available.
And I cannot find where the nrpe logging is going despite a set
debug 1.
Probably I forgot to give the --local-statedir switch during

Hm, while revisiting the source dir I only now noticed that there
was a nrpe.spec file lurking.
I guess this is for usage with the rpmbuild command.
So I installed nrpe on an RPM based distro like mine
not the proper way,
but instead only manually copied the nrpe files in place after
their make.

Seems I should rebuild it this time using the rpmbuild.
I'll have to find out how to do this...

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On 6 Apr 2006, at 09:18, Ralph.Grothe at itdz-berlin.de wrote:

Probably the developer already have fixed this.

It is fixed. I've just checked and the snapshot will configure ps
axwo before ps -axwo.


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