[Nagiosplug-help] Logos don't display on status map or in host status views

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Thu Dec 14 11:02:24 CET 2006

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Hello Andreas,

many thanks for your thorough explanation.
They really helped explaining to me what has remained unclear.

> No, the coordinates are measured from the upper left corner 
> and you can 
> space things as far apart as you like. The statusmap.cgi
program will 
> adjust the size of the image accordingly.

Ah, that's a nice feature.

> > I also defined parents relations for every VIP host that
refer to
> > its hosting cluster node because I hoped that host down
> > notifications
> > would then be restricted to the parents if all nodes went
> And they should, but it won't work if the host checking logic
> longer to complete than it takes for the system to reboot. You
> have to reduce the number of max_check_attempts for hosts in
order to 
> get this to work. You can use something along the lines of
> /path/to/check_host -n 15 $HOSTADDRESS$
> for your hostcheck, along with a max_check_attempts of 1, which
> trigger an ICMP_HOSTUNREACH from wherever the last hop on the 
> route is 
> if the host is actually not reachable via icmp (note that you
can get 
> ICMP_HOSTUNREACH from the machine you're running check_icmp on
> there's no router in between). This short-circuits the logic in

> check_icmp / check_host and makes it return early.

Interesting, I will try this...

> In 99% of the cases this is the Right Thing to do, because 
> the host will 
> have to be up a couple of seconds and send some traffic for 
> the switch 
> it's connected to to pick up it's mac-address and be able to do
> ARP-resolution anyways, so when it's actually down it will show
up as 
> down really quickly.

Yes, sounds reasonable.
I forgot about the time required for arp table initialization.

> > Would one rather have to define a host dependency to map
> > 
> No, parent relations should work.

Fine, to have this confirmed.
> > But I am not aware of the difference between a
> > 
> > notification_options	n
> > 
> > and a
> > 
> > notifications_enabled	0
> > 
> > in the host definition block.
> > 
> There is none, although notification_options = 0 is most 
> often used when 
> you temporarily want to disable notifications without
forgetting your 
> normal settings for the host.

I am afraid, just before I have received your reply I reposted
this question to the nagios user list.

Interestingly, nagios pre-flight check doesn't complain about a
contradicting setting like

define host {
    notification_options                n
    notifications_enabled               1

So I wonder if notification_options would have precedence over



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