[Nagiosplug-help] simulating backup/redundant link

Andreas Ericsson ae at op5.se
Wed Dec 20 10:59:14 CET 2006

Doctor Doo wrote:
> i think, everybody (specially, Network Admins) would love to see such features are added in the upcoming version of NAGIOS. 

It's been requested a few times. No-one has sent in a properly working 
patch though.

In commercial software projects, you have a customer that provides 
resources (money) to Make Things Happen(tm). The money is spent on 
producing the code that implements the feature the customer wants.

In open source software projects, the customers are still expected to 
provide resources to get to see things happen. The difference is that 
the currency of open source is patches. Send some in and you'll get to 
see your changes happen.

The common denominator is one that holds true for mostly everything:
Wishing gets you nowhere. Get up and do, or part with your resources to 
get others to do what you can't.

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