[Nagiosplug-help] Problem with using check_ping sometimes; pipe problems

Sebastian Berm sebastian at tintel.nl
Tue Feb 14 23:53:01 CET 2006

> > I keep getting the 'Could not open pipe' errors at random intervals.
> >
> > Does anyone perhaps know why this happens ?

[Andreas Ericsson] 
> Most likely it's because your system is starved of file-descriptors. You
> could try either upping the ulimit -n value of Nagios or use check_icmp
> instead. check_icmp uses a single socket rather than a pipe (two
> file-descriptors fewer per check). It's also a lot faster, so resources
> aren't hogged so long.

Thank you.
I'm going to try to up the ulimit for the time being, and if it doesn't
work, I'll take a look at migrating to check_icmp. It's quite a lot of
hosts, and the system is going into production 'mode' about a week ahead of
schedule (yeah, that too can happen with IT projects).

For the sake of archives, I'll later post the solution we used here, and the
results of the particular solution.

Sebastian Berm

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