[Nagiosplug-help] Compile problem with Nagios-Plugins 1.4.2 onAIX

Andreas Ericsson ae at op5.se
Mon Feb 20 07:49:05 CET 2006

Jacob Laack wrote:
> All- I was compiling nagios-plugins-1.4.2 on AIX 5.1 ML9 with GNU gcc
> 3.3.2 and GNU make 3.80 found on this page
> http://www-03.ibm.com/servers/aix/products/aixos/linux/download.html
> It turns out the floor function is used twice in the 1.4.2 version of
> check_swap.c but not in version 1.4.  After replacing all uses of
> "floor(x)" with "(double)(int)(x)", the check_swap plugin, along with
> the rest of them, compiled just fine.

You will get rounding errors half the time. I don't know the precision 
of it, but so long as you're happy I'd say stick with it.

>  There may be an
> incompatibility with AIX's linker and the floor function but anyone
> with more knowledge of compiling on AIX could probably tell us why.

On AIX, you need to link in libmath just as I told you. This holds true 
for IRIX, QNX and Tru64 too, AFAIR.

> However, the new check_swap plugin works just great!
> Andreas- It turns out practically everything you said was incorrect
> as well as mean spirited.  If you fully read my replies rather than
> harping on the few words you did bother to glimse, you'd see that I
> did try your tips both at the command line and inside the makefile
> with the same results.  However, if you had simply done "gcc --help"
> you'd see that one would have to pass "-bnoquiet", as well as all
> linker arguments, to gcc with the -Xlinker argument.

What I said was not incorrect and it was certainly not mean-spirited. I 
successfully compiled nagiosplugins-1.4.2 on AIX using my own advice as 
late as last friday. I ran into the exact same problem that you did. 
Perhaps we misunderstood each other, or you posted only fragments of the 
output from the attempts you made, or posted them to me privately rather 
than the list in which case it was deleted without me getting a chance 
to see it.

> I wanted to thank you for the fragments of information I did get from
> your replies, however, your use of criticism, rudeness, and
> impatience have made this mailing list a hostile place to try to get
> information.  If you have knowledge that might benefit someone,
> please share it.  However, if all you have are scathing remarks that
> will make people feel foolish whiile building up your own self-image,
> please keep them to yourself.  You'll do yourself and the rest of the
> Nagios community a favor.

Welcome to the free word. ;)

When you pay for my advice you can ignore it til your hears content and 
still get more. When I offer my time for free other rules apply.

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