[Nagiosplug-help] check_procs on Solaris 10

lars.bruun-hansen at nordea.com lars.bruun-hansen at nordea.com
Thu Feb 23 06:29:03 CET 2006

Not sure this problem is really related to Solaris 10, but anyway

If I do:

./check_procs -a syslogd

on my Solaris 10 it will report that it has found 2 processes while in
reality there is of course 
only one. By doing verbose mode, i.e. check_procs -vvv, I can see that
it increases
the counter on 

1. the "syslogd" process
2. the "check_procs"  process

It does however correctly ignore the "ps" process when it does an
"ignore self" in the C code.
It should also ignore the "check_procs" process which is self.

I'm a bit puzzled. check_procs works fine for me on Solaris 8.

By comparing I can see a crucial difference in the ps command it

On Solaris 8, SPARC:

/bin/ps -Ao 's uid ppid vsz rss pcpu comm args'

On Solaris 10, SPARC:

/usr/bin/ps -Ao 's uid pid ppid vsz rss pcpu comm args'

i.e. 8 columns on Solaris8 while 9 columns on Solaris10.

I must admit that I'm not comparing apples to apples here as on the
Solaris10 I'm using
revision 1.46 of the plugin while on Solaris8 I'm using revision 1.43.

Any ideas ?


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