[Nagiosplug-help] How to monitor Intel servers and Adaptec controllers

James Green james.green at stealthnet.net
Tue Jan 31 01:34:00 CET 2006

We have servers in a similar position. We can monitor to an extent using
afacli from Dell, however it's not exactly elegant or entirely
automated. A proper solution would be most welcome.

Adaptec 2200S is in use here.


Lukasz Lesniak wrote:

> Hello friends!
> I have some Intel based servers like ISP 2150, SR2200, SR2300 and
> SR2400 with Adaptec SCSCI RAID cards 2100S, 2120S and 2130SLP.
> My operating system is Debian 3.1
> I use Nagios + NRPE + Nagios plugins (a big thanx for creators) to
> monitor ie. HTTP, FTP, SMTP and other services (about 300 services).
> But I don't know how to use SNMP ie. to check is FAN in SR2400 ok or
> is RAID matrix in Adaptec 2100S. I can't use any software from Adaptec
> (Storage Manager) and Intel (Intel Server Management) because i don'
> use any Windows or RPM operating files.
> So, please tell me should I use check_snmp or wait for wide upgrade
> SNMP4Nagios?
> luke
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