[Nagiosplug-help] unable to build nagios-plugins 1.4.3 on solaris

F. L. shoto911 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 20 15:21:03 CEST 2006

Hi all,

this is my first post here.

In the way to update to the lastest nagios-plugins (1.4.3), i got some bugs 
that i didn't had with the nagios-plugins-1.4.2

so here i start.

My server environment: Sunos 5.9

I have a pre-configured script to lunch corretly the ./configure command 
here it is:
the script: compilesh

LDFLAGS="-L/usr/local/lib -L/usr/local/ssl/lib -R/usr/local/ssl/libs"
export LDFLAGS
./configure --with-openssl=/usr/local/ssl --with-mysql=/opt/sfw/mysql

It works very well with version 1.4.2 and prior but on the version 1.4.3, 
the configure script doesn't write the " Makefile " so i can't build the 

here is some output of the compile_sh script that runs the ./configure:
config.status: creating po/Makefile.in
sed: command garbled: s, at MYSQLINCLUDE@,Usage: 
/opt/sfw/mysql/bin/mysql_config [OPTIONS]

If i only use the ./configure command, it's okay but i need to add the 
support of mysql. The problem might be there?

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