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> Having problems getting NRPE to connect. Followed the manual, checked
> the faq, still nothing.

All your definitions look alright at a glance...

Check the following:
* firewall

No firewall on either machine.

* access control list in /usr/local/nagios/etc/nrpe.cfg

Done. It was commented out, I've changed it include all ips on both
subnets of the nagios machine

Jul 28 12:55:03 dell05 nrpe[32259]: Allowing connections from:,,

root at backup:/usr/libexec/nagios# ./check_nrpe -H -t 30 -c
CHECK_NRPE: Socket timeout after 30 seconds.

* access control list in /etc/hosts.allow

I'm not using inetd - I'm running as daemon (both deny and allow are
blank in any event)

* try telnet-ing to the NRPE port, from the Nagios server.

Did that. I get a connection, nothing other than that - no greeting etc.

Just doesn't seem to work :S

Incidentally, this is the second machine I've tried it on. Couldn't
connect to other machine either.


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