[Nagiosplug-help] Problem with check_nt MEMUSE

Sand Philipp Philipp.Sand at sycor.de
Sun Mar 26 22:36:09 CEST 2006

Hi there,

I've got a Problem with the check_nt MEMUSE check. Don't know, if this is a known issue, maybe a patch already exists, or maybe I'm totally wrong here ;)

Here's the problem: check_nt MEMUSE seems to check the perfmon instances \Memory\Committed Bytes and \Memory\Commit Limit, it then calculates the procentual proportion of committed bytes to commit limit, the output then refers to the procentual proportion of the physical ram.
Problem is, that the commit limit is != physical ram!

e.g. physical ram = 1GB, pagefile = 4GB -> Commit Limit is 1GB + 4GB = 5GB
when committed bytes is 500MB (10%), the plugin reports that there are 100MB used RAM (10% from 1GB RAM).

In the Task Manager the Value 500MB is displayed correctly.

I'm using the check_nt from the nagiso-plugins 1.4.0alpha2 1.21

Any suggestions to solve this problem?



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