[Nagiosplug-help] How to use check_nrpe with (login/passwd) or check_nt using Checkdisk.dll (nsclient++) ?

slb-ctech seblbvc at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 13:13:49 CET 2008


We would like to monitor ALL harddrives on a Windows server (without to define
it manually), but it seems to be impossible with check_nt. 

Check_nt only accept a single defined disk-drive (with USSEDDISKSPACE) or
a bunch of disk drives ( -l disk-driveC:,disk-driveD: ) but all servers doesn't
have the same number of disk-drive letter (some of them have only 2 drives, some
6 etc...)

So we went to check_nrpe but it seems that this plugin doesn't accept any
authentication information (login/password)

We want to know if its possible to add an authentication parameter
to check_nrpe plugin or to use check_nt for checking automacally ALL drives on a
Windows machine.

Nagios : 3.0.3
check_nt : 1.4.5
nrpe : Windows 2000 serveur, 2003
Linux debian etch

Thanks in advance, Best regards

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