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Chris New christy7669 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 6 17:57:48 CET 2008

Hi list

I am having difficulties getting MRTG's banwidth reading to import into my Nagios.  I do not fully understand the Check MRTG, and need some assistance.  Could you please help me?
Here is what is happening in Nagios:

THIS IS WHAT ERROR I GET:  check_mrtgtraf: Unable to open MRTG log file 

Here is what my last line of my MRTG check looks like:

"check_local_mrtgtraf!/var/lib/mrtg/ .log!AVG! 1000000, 2000000! 5000000, 5000000!5"

I am not sure if I need to change anything, and if I do what? Would you mind telling me what is each section for, and which ones need changes, if at all.  

I know UBUNTU puts things in different folders, since it is UNIX based. When I went to the /var/lib/mrtg folder there was nothing in there but a file named:


And I have looked and looked and only found /var/log/mrtg/mrtg.log.  Needless to say I can not locate a log file.

Please Advise. Thank you for your help.

- Chris New (Whirlpool)

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