[Nagiosplug-help] Status in Nagios Not Changing

Kevin Nilsson Kevin.Nilsson at imail.org
Wed Feb 13 17:45:50 CET 2008


I am a relative newbie to nagios.  I have written several scripts to
monitor Windows hardware.  They are written in windows scripting


When the scripts exit I get the correct warnings and critical messages
sent out but the exit code that is returned will not change the status
of the nagios screen.  It always appears as OK.


The exit command I use is this:


Const intOK = 0

Const intWarning = 1

Const intCritical = 2

Const intError = 3

Const intUnknown = 3




Select Case outCode

            Case 0

                        outText="OK" & outText

                        WScript.Echo outText


            Case 1

                        outText="DISK WARNING" & outText

                        WScript.Echo outText


            Case 2

                        outText="DISK CRITICAL" & outText

                        WScript.Echo outText


End Select



Like I said the status information appears correct, but the status
remain OK.




Status Information

DISK CRITICAL - C: Disk Size: 34GB, Free Space: 27GB (80%), D: Disk
Size: 31GB, Free Space: 31GB (100%), E: Disk Size: 3GB, Free Space: 0GB



But the status remains OK.  


I have verified that the WScript.Quit code is correct.  I have Written
it to the end of the Status Information line.  


Any clues??


Thank you






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