[Nagiosplug-help] Running NSCA and NRPE on server under XINETD

p.boynton at fbsa.es p.boynton at fbsa.es
Mon Jun 2 13:18:26 CEST 2008


I have a working Nagios server 3.0.1 with the 1.4.12 plugins running on
Debian Etch 4.02.and I have set up NRPE 2.12 for hosts in my local network.
Everything is working fine.

Now I need to introduce alerts for remote machines (as in over the Internet
and who will be behind NAT devices out of my control). So I looked around
and found NSCA. This seemed like the right solution, but now I found this
is the README for NSCA:

NOTE: If you run nsca under inetd or xinetd, the server_port
and allowed_hosts variables in the nrpe configuration file are

On a test server that wes set up with NRPE and running under xinetd I
installed NSCA and ran it under xinetd and BOOM NRPE was no longer
listening on port 5666. So any NRPE clients trying to send thier data would
not be able to. This would break my current setup.


1. Is it a situation of all or nothing? I mean you can use NSCA or NRPE
under xinetd but not both on the same server?

2. If you wanted to use both how could you do it? Or better yet, how can I
get those remote boxes to tell my main server all is/isnt well?

Thanks for any help you might be able to give. I appreciate it very much


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