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Thomas Guyot-Sionnest dermoth at aei.ca
Wed Nov 26 13:52:29 CET 2008

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On 25/11/08 03:58 AM, Oliver Devoogdt wrote:
> I have an issue when I put it a proxy (with the -I) option & https websites.
> Whatever I give with the -u option, I always receive a "HTTP OK ". It seems that he doesn't check the url, even when there is a typo into it.
> [root at nagios-vm objects]#  /usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_http  -I -p 8080 -u "https://www.xxxx.yyyy.com"
> HTTP OK HTTP/1.0 200 OK - 102 bytes in 0.002 seconds |time=0.001537s;;;0.000000 size=102B;;;0
> What am I doing wrong ?

- -I is not a proxy address, it's the web server address to connect to. -u
should be only the path component of the url ("/", "/foo/bar.html",
etc.). -H can be used together with -I to provide host headers without
having to resolve the IP.

So right now your request is equivalent to this (NB: the port is glued
to the path because it's not starting with a /):

It appears that at least some web servers accept full URIs in the GET
request, strip protocol/hostname part and take the URL at the end (or
"/" of there no URL), which explains why you get 200 OK.

BTW you can use "-vvv" to print all debug output...

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