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Stewart St. Dennis sstdennis at zaxia.com
Mon Oct 4 17:48:29 CEST 2010

Did you try running it directly from the Nagios server at the command line as the Nagios user?  I suspect that it should produce the same error.   If it works at the command line as the root or Nagios user, then it is a Nagios runtime configuration issue.  If it fails at the command line, then it is a general configuration issue. 

I have not used the Postgres check script, but I have used the MySQL one successfully.  Take a look at the Nagios server for the library that can't be found.  I suspect that you may need to install the Postgres client software on the Nagios server.  When plug-ins are built, they can be fully stand-alone executables, or they can be built on top of the services offered up by the product to be monitored. Since libpq.so.5 seems to be part of the Postgres software, I suspect that this check took the latter approach. 

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