[Nagiosplug-help] Return code 141 with check_http

Eric Schoeller eric.schoeller at colorado.edu
Mon Oct 4 19:19:02 CEST 2010

Hello list,

We're currently experiencing some problems with our Cisco Content switch 
that is causing numerous service checks relying on check_http to fail, 
with '(Return code of 141 is out of bounds)'. Running the check by hand:

/usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_http  -H SITE.colorado.edu -p 443 -w 10 
-s 20 -t 30 -u "/URL/" -s "<title>title</title>" -S; echo $?


CRITICAL - Cannot make SSL connection

So, the plugin is correctly stating that it had trouble initiating an 
SSL connection, but the return code is out of bounds. After looking 
through both sslutils.c and check_http.c I've somewhat zeroed in on the 
problem. The function call:

np_net_ssl_init_with_hostname(sd, (use_sni ? host_name : NULL));

Correctly returns an error code of 2 back to check_http on about line 
810, however the return code of this function call never seems to be 
checked. The plugin finally bombs out at line 879 when it tries to send 
the constructed buffer using my_send(). This is when the return code of 
141 is generated.

I reproduced this condition using the latest nagios-plugins available, 

Any help is appreciated!

Eric Schoeller
University of Colorado, Boulder
Information Technology Services

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