[Nagiosplug-help] Unable to execute Java+Shell script plugin from Nagios

Amarpal akaur at qasource.com
Mon Apr 4 13:18:21 CEST 2011



I wrote a Nagios plugin but am facing some problem while executing the same
from nagios. Below are the steps followed:


1.      I wrote a java program that will invoke a Web service and calculate
the time taken. This java program then writes back the outout to a text

2.       I have a shell script which is executing the java program, read the
text file generated and echo the output.

3.       Defined a .cfg file to execute the shell script 

      define service{

     use                                local-service

     host_name                    localhost

     service_description       SHELL SCRIPT
check_command         check_search_time
normal_check_interval 1

define command{

                  command_name check_search_time

                  command_line    $USER1$/ws_search.sh

4.       Added above .cfg file entry in nagios.cfg file as


This shell script works file when executed the same as 'Nagios' User. But
when checked the above configured service from 'Nagios UI'. It says 'No
output returned by plugin' as well as there is no txt file generated by java


Please let us know I am missing anything.

Thanks In Advance





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