[Nagiosplug-help] check_http problem with PDF documents

Andreas Ericsson ae at op5.se
Thu Sep 13 14:21:42 CEST 2012

On 09/13/2012 11:42 AM, Ham, Gerrit van IA60 wrote:
> Hello list members,
> We have been using the Nagios plugin 'check_http' for some years now
> without any problems but yesterday I found something strange with one
> of our checks involving a page that contains a PDF document.
> Sometimes this check reports an error and at other times the result
> is OK. The page is static and some content is delivered in all cases
> but the text I'm looking for with the '-s' option is not always
> found. So I did some tests, including the '-v' option and saving the
> output to a file. If I run this check 4 times I get 4 different
> output files.

That's not surprising, since the -v output also includes timings with
microsecond precision. If you compared them using diff or cmp, that
won't work very well.

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