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Heinze, Markus Markus.Heinze at esta-bw.de
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found this plugin by search, maybe useful or extendable by your own.

"This plugin checks a pop3 account for all emails matching a given subject.
This could be useful if you have some sort of system that periodically sends an email to let you know its state.
We use this for monitoring intellisync."

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We have product information integrations rolling on every night and we have used Icinga and Nagios plugins to monitor many of our services, which has worked great.
Now we are thinking of monitoring out integrations. The integrations are rolling on Kettle and there's an option to send an email which tells if the integration has completed successfully or if it contains any errors.
My question is: is there any way to monitor these emails and maybe check if it contains any errors. For example if the email contains an error message, specified plugin (check_email?) returns CRITICAL and Icinga monitor lets us know the current state?
I have already downloaded the check_email plugins to our Linux server, but I have no idea how to apply it...!

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