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Check /usr/local/nagios/rw/live


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Subject: MK LiveStatus install question

Good morning all.

I'm attempting to configure MK LiveStatus so that I can install NagVis on my Nagios Core installation.

I'm following through the MK LiveStatus setup instructions located  I am attempting to do the manual installation of livestatus without the rest of the check_mk stuff.

I've downloaded the source file (, unpacked it, ran ./configure followed by make install; then added the suggested lines ("broker_module=/usr/local/lib/mk-livestatus/livestatus.o /var/lib/nagios/rw/live" and "event_broker_options=-1") to my nagios.cfg file, and restarted Nagios.  When I look at the nagios.log file, I see the following messages:

[1383580496] livestatus: Livestatus 1.2.2p2 by Mathias Kettner. Socket: '/var/lib/nagios/rw/live'
[1383580496] livestatus: Please visit us at
[1383580496] livestatus: Hint: please try out OMD - the Open Monitoring Distribution
[1383580496] livestatus: Please visit OMD at
[1383580496] livestatus: Unable to bind adress /var/lib/nagios/rw/live to UNIX socket: No such file or directory
[1383580496] Error: Function nebmodule_init() in module '/usr/local/lib/mk-livestatus/livestatus.o' returned an error.  Module will be unloaded.

So it seems that the directory that the software is trying to use for the Unix socket doesn't exist (confirmed this when attempting to browse to that directory).   The installation instructions mention changing that file path (/var/lib/nagios/rw/live) to the directory that Nagios Pipe resides in - but doesn't specify the correct method for changing this file path, and I am also not familiar with what this file path is on Nagios Core 3.5installed on Ubuntu 12.04.

Do I just need to manualy create the directory /var/lib/nagios/rw/live possibly?

Thanks folks!

Daniel Ceola
System Administrator
Daniel.Ceola at<mailto:Daniel.Ceola at>

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