check_http for health probe

Paul Dubuc work at
Wed Aug 27 15:25:52 CEST 2014

Arun A Menon wrote:
> Hi
> My backend real server hosts a web service that sends a string ‘200’ to
> indicate the server is up. I need to check for this string as part of health
> probe before establishing connection with this server. I am using check_http
> plugin as below for this purpose but the FarmGuardian status is always down.
> Kindly advise.
> check_http -w 9 -c 9 -H HOST -s '200' -p PORT
> Cheers, Arun

The -s option will search the content for the given string.  Are you sure that 
the '200' is being returned in the content portion of the response and not the 
headers?  You may need to use -e or -d instead of -s.

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