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raul toribio silverio raul_toribio at
Thu Apr 20 05:51:52 CEST 2017

Hello all,
I need your help, i have installed icinga 1.13.3 in my ubuntu server 16.4 when i executed the command with check_snmp pluggin by cli is working fine it's retrieve information very well from the agent but when apply same command from the file config on incinga this is not working for me.

below some command lines:
-------------------working fine--------------------------------------------------------------FROM CLI-ubuntu-server:root at SVR-CARRIERDOM-2:/etc/icinga/objects# /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_snmp -H -C Serverhome -o . OK - "ether1" |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-----------------------------------retrieve unknown info------------------------------------------------FROM incinga file:

Please any help, thank you!
Regards, Ing. Raul Toribio Tel. 809 322 2666
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