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Fri Aug 4 18:22:03 CEST 2017


I am attempting to set up Disk Latency monitoring on some of our Windows
2008 servers using Nagios XI and check_nt.  I am using the following

 ./check_nt -H -s "***********" -p 12489 -v COUNTER -l
"\\PhysicalDisk(0 C:)\\Avg. Disk sec/Read","C Drive Read Latency (ms) is
%0.4f" -w 0.02 -c 0.04

I am getting the following result:

C Drive Read Latency (ms) is 0.0000 | 'C Drive Read Latency (ms) is

It is always returning a value of 0.  Looking at the actual perfmon
readings on the server show values in the 0.002 to 0.015 range.

After doing some investigation with other perfmons it appears that only
whole numbers are being returned.  Likewise, it also appears that we can
only use whole numbers for the warning and critical levels.  Is this
correct or is there a configuration setting I am missing.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


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