Update of check_http now returning STATE_CRITICAL

Ian M. Shore ian.shore at kaust.edu.sa
Tue May 9 08:31:47 CEST 2017


Yesterday we updated our Nagios plugins rpm (RHEL 6.9) to nagios-plugins-http-2.2.1-1, and now our Nagios dashboard is lit up with critical alerts for our SSL certificate checks. Previously they had all returned STATE_OK.  For the services that are now alerting, we were using check_http to examine the certificate expiry date on various servers that do not run http, in particular OpenLDAP and libvirt servers. We now get the following error:

./check_http -H localhost -p 636 -C 14 -v

SSL initialized

SSL OK - Certificate '<host-name>' will expire on 2019-01-25 16:12 +0300/+03. GET / HTTP/1.1

User-Agent: check_http/v2.2.1 (nagios-plugins 2.2.1)
Connection: close
Host: localhost:636
Accept: */*

HTTP CRITICAL - No data received from host

Could this be fixed to work as before or is there an additional flag I can use to ignore HTTP errors?


Ian Shore
Systems Administrator
KAUST Supercomputing Laboratory (KSL)
King Abdullah University of Science & Technology
Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 (0)12 808 0237

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