Using environment variable in nrpe.cfg or alternate method

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Thu May 25 01:07:35 CEST 2017


Is there a way to use an environment variable in the nrpe daemon config
file or does anyone have any alternate ideas for this scenario:

Attempting to include an auxiliary config file for host-specific items of
software package that is used on multiple hosts and is set up so each host
has a unique personality.

An example:

# This directive allows you to include definitions from an external config


The intent is to have checks unique to 'dingle' for the individual host be
separate from the checks that are specific to the host's system

The net effect is that if you change the hostname and reboot, the system
will come up as the personality of the specified hostname so the checks
from the monitoring server will not need changes.

TIA for the answer or viable suggestions.

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