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Wed Sep 12 21:19:35 CEST 2018

After an incident we have been tasked with detecting rogue DHCP servers on our network. Looking at the check_dhcp plugin it looks like it does 99% of what we need. My specific question relates to us making a change to the check_dhcp.c file and if it would work. My co-worker and I are not familiar enough with the language.

For the section:
                else if(requested_servers>0 && requested_responses==0)
                else if(requested_responses<requested_servers)
                else if(request_specific_address==TRUE && received_requested_address==FALSE)

If we were to add this after the first if
                Else if (valid_responses>1)

Then compile the plugin per the github instructions from there would that alert if we had more than one DHCP response?


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