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check_snmp has wealth of options, including a timeout option.
You can explore them by taking a look at the output from "check_snmp -help."

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Dear team,

I have two machines A and B, the A is snmp manager with centreon installed on it.

The B machine is the client machine that I need to monitor. In the client machine, i have a script that calculate the number of files on a specific directory ( the output of the script is a number). The path of this script has been added to the snmpd configuration file ( etc/snmp/snmpd.conf) on the client machine and generated an OID for this script.

what happens is that every 5 minutes, this script is requested remotly by centreon machine via snmp with this  command launched each 5 minutes from Centreon machine :
/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_snmp -H client_IP_Adress -C All -P 2c -o . -w 1 -c 2

where -w is for warning if 1 files found  and -c for critical if 2  or mores files are found

This has been working really fine until now. The problem is that the script that counts the files takes sometimes more than 5 seconds because there is a lot of files to count, and what happens is that if the script doesn't give a result within 5 seconds, the command above get a timeout error.

I don't know where to change the timeout, so what i did is modifying the script that counts files, this modifications intend to stop the the command that counts files (inside the script)  if it takes more than 4 seconds

This is the previous version :

if [[ "$1" = "PROD" ]]; then
echo $(find $received \( -path /mnt/sftpdata/vpod/repository/received/$1/FHU2/v1app2omniaboprd \) -prune -o -type f -mmin +45 -print 2>&1 | wc -l)

And this the modified new version :

#! /bin/bash

if [[ "$1" = "PROD" ]]; then

f=$(timeout 4 bash -c "find $received \( -path /mnt/sftpdata/vpod/repository/received/$1/FHU2/v1app2omniaboprd \) -prune -o -type f -mmin +45 -print 2>&1 | wc -l")

if [[ "${#f}" -eq 0 ]]
        echo '3'
        echo $f

With the new version, normaly when i execute the check snmp command from centreon machine (/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_snmp -H client_IP_Adress -C All -P 2c -o . -w 1 -c 2), i should have the number 3 as a resulat from the external script if the find doesn't answer within 4 seconds, but this is not the case, instead of having 3, i have this message : external command error timeout. and the snmp deamon is killed automaticaly oh the client machine ( inactive (dead)).

Can you please help me with this issue, im really blocked :/

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