The check_fping Plugin

check_fping v2.3git (monitoring-plugins 2.3git)
Copyright (c) 1999 Didi Rieder <>
Copyright (c) 2000-2007 Monitoring Plugins Development Team

This plugin will use the fping command to ping the specified host for a fast check
Note that it is necessary to set the suid flag on fping.

 check_fping <host_address> -w limit -c limit [-b size] [-n number] [-T number] [-i number]

 -h, --help
    Print detailed help screen
 -V, --version
    Print version information
    Read options from an ini file. See
    for usage and examples.
 -4, --use-ipv4
    Use IPv4 connection
 -6, --use-ipv6
    Use IPv6 connection
 -H, --hostname=HOST
    name or IP Address of host to ping (IP Address bypasses name lookup, reducing system load)
 -w, --warning=THRESHOLD
    warning threshold pair
 -c, --critical=THRESHOLD
    critical threshold pair
 -a, --alive
    Return OK after first successful reply
 -b, --bytes=INTEGER
    size of ICMP packet (default: 56)
 -n, --number=INTEGER
    number of ICMP packets to send (default: 1)
 -T, --target-timeout=INTEGER
    Target timeout (ms) (default: fping's default for -t)
 -i, --interval=INTEGER
    Interval (ms) between sending packets (default: fping's default for -p)
 -S, --sourceip=HOST
    name or IP Address of sourceip
 -I, --sourceif=IF
    source interface name
 -v, --verbose
    Show details for command-line debugging (output may be truncated by
    the monitoring system)

 THRESHOLD is <rta>,<pl>%% where <rta> is the round trip average travel time (ms)
 which triggers a WARNING or CRITICAL state, and <pl> is the percentage of
 packet loss to trigger an alarm state.

 IPv4 is used by default. Specify -6 to use IPv6.

Send email to if you have questions regarding
use of this software. To submit patches or suggest improvements, send email