The check_hpjd Plugin

check_hpjd v2.3git (monitoring-plugins 2.3git)
Copyright (c) 1999 Ethan Galstad <>
Copyright (c) 2000-2007 Monitoring Plugins Development Team

This plugin tests the STATUS of an HP printer with a JetDirect card.
Net-snmp must be installed on the computer running the plugin.

check_hpjd -H host [-C community] [-p port] [-D]

 -h, --help
    Print detailed help screen
 -V, --version
    Print version information
    Read options from an ini file. See
    for usage and examples.
 -C, --community=STRING
    The SNMP community name (default=public)
 -p, --port=STRING
    Specify the port to check (default=161)
    Disable paper check 
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