The check_ide_smart Plugin

check_ide_smart v2.3git (monitoring-plugins 2.3git)
(C) 1999 Ragnar Hojland Espinosa <>
Plugin implementation - 1999 Robert Dale <>
Copyright (c) 1998-2007 Monitoring Plugins Development Team

This plugin checks a local hard drive with the (Linux specific) SMART interface [].

check_ide_smart [-d <device>] [-v]
 -h, --help
    Print detailed help screen
 -V, --version
    Print version information
    Read options from an ini file. See
    for usage and examples.
 -d, --device=DEVICE
    Select device DEVICE
    Note: if the device is specified without this option, any further option will
          be ignored.
 -v, --verbose
    Show details for command-line debugging (output may be truncated by
    the monitoring system)

 The SMART command modes (-i/--immediate, -0/--auto-off and -1/--auto-on) were
 broken in an underhand manner and have been disabled. You can use smartctl
  -0/--auto-off:  use "smartctl --offlineauto=off"
  -1/--auto-on:   use "smartctl --offlineauto=on"
  -i/--immediate: use "smartctl --test=offline"

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