The check_overcr Plugin

check_overcr v2.3git (monitoring-plugins 2.3git)
Copyright (c) 1999 Ethan Galstad <>
Copyright (c) 2000-2007 Monitoring Plugins Development Team

This plugin attempts to contact the Over-CR collector daemon running on the
remote UNIX server in order to gather the requested system information.

check_overcr -H host [-p port] [-v variable] [-w warning] [-c critical] [-t timeout]

 -h, --help
    Print detailed help screen
 -V, --version
    Print version information
    Read options from an ini file. See
    for usage and examples.
 -H, --hostname=ADDRESS
    Host name, IP Address, or unix socket (must be an absolute path)
 -p, --port=INTEGER
    Port number (default: 2000)
 -w, --warning=INTEGER
    Threshold which will result in a warning status
 -c, --critical=INTEGER
    Threshold which will result in a critical status
 -v, --variable=STRING
    Variable to check.  Valid variables include:
    LOAD1         = 1 minute average CPU load
    LOAD5         = 5 minute average CPU load
    LOAD15        = 15 minute average CPU load
    DPU<filesys>  = percent used disk space on filesystem <filesys>
    PROC<process> = number of running processes with name <process>
    NET<port>     = number of active connections on TCP port <port>
    UPTIME        = system uptime in seconds
 -t, --timeout=INTEGER
    Seconds before connection times out (default: 10)
 -v, --verbose
    Show details for command-line debugging (output may be truncated by
    the monitoring system)

This plugin requires that Eric Molitors' Over-CR collector daemon be
running on the remote server.
Over-CR can be downloaded from
This plugin was tested with version 0.99.53 of the Over-CR collector

 For the available options, the critical threshold value should always be
 higher than the warning threshold value, EXCEPT with the uptime variable

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use of this software. To submit patches or suggest improvements, send email