New Project Name: Monitoring Plugins

Holger Weiß, January 15, 2014

In the past, the domain pointed to a server independently maintained by us, the Nagios Plugins Development Team. Today, the DNS records were modified to point to web space controlled by Nagios Enterprises instead. This change was done without prior notice.

This means the project can no longer use the name "Nagios Plugins". We, the Nagios Plugins Development Team, therefore renamed the Nagios Plugins to Monitoring Plugins.

We're not too happy having to make this move. Renaming the project will lead to some confusion, and to quite a bit of work for others and for ourselves. We would've preferred to save everyone this trouble.

However, we do like how the new name indicates that our plugins are also used with various other monitoring applications these days. While the Nagios folks created the original implementation of the core plugins bundle, an independent team has taken over development more than a decade ago, and the product is intended to be useful for all users, including, but not limited to, the customers of Nagios Enterprises.

It'll probably take us a few days to sort out various issues caused by the new project name, but we're confident that we can resume our development work towards the next stable releases very soon.

We'd like to take the chance to thank you, our community, for your countless contributions, which made the plugins what they are today. You guys are awesome. We're looking forward to the next chapter of Monitoring Plugins development, and we hope you are, too!