[Nagiosplug-devel] Re: Nagios-plugins as Debian packages

Jeremy T. Bouse jeremy+nagios at undergrid.net
Fri Jul 18 09:11:18 CEST 2003

On Fri, Jul 18, 2003 at 04:13:58PM +0200, Ragnar Wisl?ff wrote:
> Siterer "Jeremy T. Bouse" <jeremy+nagios at undergrid.net>:
> > 	Actually I am already working on them... I've got two sets of packages
> > that I'm working to maintain at this time... One with the 1.3.1 release
> > of the plugins and another a snapshot of the CVS repository...
> OK. I've done a rebuild of the netsaint-plugins, but would like to have the
> latest and greatest. I did not realise there was a 1.3.1. We aim for stability,
> so I guess 1.3.1 is better than CVS ;-)
	Well if you're wanting to monitor any IPv6 enabled devices
you'll need the CVS version... That is why I have the snapshot version
that I have been working to update about once a month as I haven't
automated the process too much... 1.3.1 was the most recent bug fix
version and what I'm hoping to get into the Debian mirror as soon as I
get Turbo (Nagios package maintainer) to either accept my updates or
authorize me to NMU the changes myself...
> > 
> > 	I have not yet released and uploaded them to the Debian mirrors yet as
> > I'm trying to coordinate some fixes/updates to the Nagios Debian package
> > which is maintained by Turbo... I've got a diff patch to send to him
> > but I'm still waiting on reply from my last email to him...
> > 
> Oh, is the official maintainer also working on a Nagios core package for woody?
> I know he can't get them into woody, but he has made them anyway? That would be
> very nice. I have rebuilt them with some tweaks to suit us, but to have the
> maintainer packages would be the best.
	No he isn't working on the Nagios package for woody as he can't
get it included into woody; However I have been working on it as my
Nagios monitoring machines are still running woody... Part of my fixes
were to modify the Build-depends so that it will build against stable
and unstable... I also had to tweak the Depends, Suggests, Provides,
Conflicts in the debian/control to allow it to better replace NetSaint
and it's plugins...

> > 	I can provide you with the URL for apt-get that I have the current
> > packages I'm testing located but if you're running the default package
> > for Nagios by Turbo the configuration will fail...
> OK, but that's just a little change to the dependencies to change that in the
> Nagios package? If you have nagios-packges that go with the plugins we can test
> them out as well.
	I have a Nagios 1.1-1.1 package compiled for both Woody and Sid
that has my fixes I'm trying to get approved by Turbo as I'm not the
Nagios maintainer along with Nagios-plugins 1.3.1-0 and
Nagios-plugins-snapshot 1.3.99-0.cvs.2003.07.11 all reachable via
apt-get by adding one of the following:

	dep http://people.debian.org/~jbouse/nagios/ sid/i386/
	dep http://people.debian.org/~jbouse/nagios/ woody/i386/

	Also the source DEBs are available via:

	dep-src http://people.debian.org/~jbouse/nagios/ sid/source/
	dep-src http://people.debian.org/~jbouse/nagios/ woody/source/

	Again though the Nagios packages up there are modified by me
not the Nagios package maintainer. The plugin packages however are by me
so report any problems to me directly as they are not currently in the
Debian mirror and thus the BTS would not handle the requests properly...

> Thanks for your quick reply.
	Not a problem... Wife says I live on the computer so what am I
to do :)


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