[Nagiosplug-devel] printf calls in library functions

Matthias Eble matthias.eble at mailing.kaufland-informationssysteme.com
Mon Jul 23 17:37:16 CEST 2007

>> If I got it right, the definition of UNKNOWN in the guidelines  
>> won't let
>> us do so in every case(strictly speaking).
> Good point that the exit is not always UNKNOWN. I'm happy that the  
> exit code is appropriate for the failure.

So I'd say that I'll change the libs from return/printf to die where 
appropriate in the next days.

>> We could introduce a global variable containing the short upper case
>> service name (eg DISK)to also print it in library functions.
>> This might, but hopefully won't affect translation strings.
> I agree about the short name. Some plugins change the short name  
> (such as check_tcp), but I think it is reasonable to assume that the  
> short name is set before calling various common functions. I'm not  
> too worried about the short name as this is not part of the interface  
> with Nagios.

Will look at this, too.

>> Let's move them after switching to svn.
> Sigh. I think I'm still the bottleneck here. I'll spend sometime this  
> evening trying to work out how tinderbox talks to CVS and amend that  
> to SVN. Regardless of the outcome, I'll do a re-import of the latest  
> CVS data and then we can make the svn repo live for tomorrow.

No need to hurry..
Btw. The cvs links in the webgui don't work anymore :(

We might want to create a list with long term goals. Like the new 
performance data format, N::P inclusion, etc.
A Wiki would be neat for that (this might also be an approach for the 
extended docs) - maybe a part of nagios-community.org?


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