check_ping: Add support for showing name (DNS) resolution in the plugin output (STDOUT). (#1284)

Mark A. Ziesemer notifications at
Sun Nov 30 04:06:56 CET 2014

> So your reasoning for assuming this feature to be useful for others is
> that plain ping(1) does it, right?

That's a stretch.  I need it.  Others may need it.  Still others may benefit
from its use if it were available to them (as I detailed above).

I do think it is silly that we're already executing the ping command which
is already providing these details as part of its standard output, but are
effectively preventing any possibility from already-completed work for
potentially desirable details from being made available in the plugin
output.  However, that is my $0.02.  I also respect the decision by the
various authors of the `ping` executables that we've reviewed here, and also
those of other utilities (e.g. `route` and `netstat`, just for a few others)
- that if they don't include the numeric output by default, they can do so
with the "`-n`" or "`--numeric`" flags.  I still don't understand the need
to have a different standard here - but I can agree to disagree, especially
as this is not my project.

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