[Nagiosplug-help] Plugin check_http with virus scanning?

David Hall dhall at vermeermfg.com
Tue Nov 5 09:40:01 CET 2002

We are in the process of replacing a previous network monitoring system with
hopefully Nagios.  So far the product seems to work very well and quite
frankly we are impress - so to those who have done the work - excellent job!

The check_http plugin works very well except on our external boxes that are
accessed via a firewall.  This firewall also scans all http traffic for
viruses and other bad stuff.  It appears that the plugin is expecting the
"OK" message in the first packet, but our first response packet appears to
have no data, thus making the service go critical.  Packet two however comes
back with the "OK" message.  Is there a way to configure check_http to look
at the second packet?

Dave Hall

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