[Nagiosplug-help] General Plugin questions

David Hall dhall at vermeermfg.com
Tue Nov 5 09:40:06 CET 2002

Like I said in one of my other emails, we are trying to move to the Nagios
product.  However, on our current product (Big Brother) it is set up to do
two things that I have not figured out how to do in the Nagios system.

1)	Check to make sure a list of processes are running.  (like crond,

2)	Check the messages file for special words like NOTICE, or error.
	I have been looking at the check_log plugin, but anytime I try to run it I
get an error:
	#./check_log -F /var/adm/messages -O /tmp/x -q NOTICE
	./check_log:  test:  argument expected.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dave Hall

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