[Nagiosplug-help] Strange "Status Information" in "Host Detail" given by check_ping plugin

JOAO PEREIRA jpp at bcp.pt
Thu Aug 14 12:47:04 CEST 2003


I'm using the default "check-host-alive" on my hosts, based in check_ping plugin.
The reference for my doubts are the results that I see in the Square-Box Nagios demo site.

Two questions:

Normally I get the status "(Host assumed to be up)" in "Host Detail" when everything is fine.
Shouldn't I get something like "Ping OK - Packet loss = 0%, RTA = 8.60 ms"?

When one host goes down, the status changes from "(Host assumed to be up)" to "/bin/ping -n -U -c 1 MYHOST".
One more time, shouldn't I get something like "PING CRITICAL - Packet loss = 100%"?

The results in the Square-Box Nagios demo site seems more logical.
I've been around this and I can't figure why this happens.


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