[Nagiosplug-help] Status: Unknown

Darren Bentley darren at bcgroup.net
Thu Jan 2 15:51:10 CET 2003

I installed Nagios 1.0 on Red Hat 7.3 box and I'm running into some
problems. The install went fine, Nagios loads fine. There is a strange
PING problem.

I used the default sample files, removed all the junks hosts and added
one host.

On the Service Detail page the hosts allways shows UNKNOWN in pumpkin
orange color. Status Information shows: /bin/ping -n -U -c 5

I can run that manually and it works fine. I can also run CHECK_PING
manually and it also works fine.

Here's what the log files show:

[1041550596] HOST ALERT: slocan-lamonte;DOWN;SOFT;8;/bin/ping -n -U -c 1
[1041550596] HOST ALERT: slocan-lamonte;DOWN;SOFT;9;/bin/ping -n -U -c 1
[1041550596] HOST ALERT: slocan-lamonte;DOWN;HARD;10;/bin/ping -n -U -c
nagios;slocan-lamonte;DOWN;host-notify-by-epager;/bin/ping -n -U -c 1
nagios;slocan-lamonte;DOWN;host-notify-by-email;/bin/ping -n -U -c 1
[1041550596] SERVICE ALERT: slocan-lamonte;PING;UNKNOWN;HARD;1;/bin/ping
-n -U -c 5

Any ideas? I've removed it and recompiled and tried again.

Darren Bentley <darren at bcgroup.net>

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