[Nagiosplug-help] NRPE not passing "Warning" to Server

Andreas Baetz lac01 at web.de
Wed Jan 8 03:26:06 CET 2003

On Monday 06 January 2003 22:48, Shane Stakem wrote:
> I'll try this post again since I may have posted it to the wrong group
> before. Im using the latest stable release of Nagios, plugins, and
> apache. When the nrpe client passes information to the server and
> reports an "error" state the Nagios server doesn't acknowledge it as a
> problem even though the output states there is a problem. The below is
> an example of this and is not just limited to check_disk plugin. As you
> can see I have a warning in the output but Nagios says it "OK". Any
> idea's or remedies are appreciated.
>  DISK_SPACE_1  OK  01-06-2003 11:11:13 3d 17h 15m 40s 1/3 DISK WARNING -
> [15420524 kB (14%) free on /dev/hdc1] store2

AFAIK The 1/3 indicates a "soft" state and Nagios reports a problem only in a "hard" 
state, that means in your case after 3 unsuccessful checks. 
Maybe this is the case here. What happens if you wait for a while to let it check the 
disk several more times ?
You could tell nagios to treat the first warning as "hard" via the config files, though.


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