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Pascal Miquet p.miquet at hafiba.fr
Mon Jan 13 10:39:05 CET 2003


the directory /usr/local/nagios/etc contain all cfg files needed to run
Here is the contents of my directory:

cgi.cfg            escalations.cfg  misccommands.cfg  services.cfg
checkcommands.cfg  hostgroups.cfg   nagatcfg.dat      timeperiods.cfg
contactgroups.cfg  contacts.cfg       hosts.cfg        nagios.cfg
dependencies.cfg   htpasswd.users   resource.cfg

You may have missed something during the installation.

Pascal Miquet

Le lun 13/01/2003 à 19:00, funraps too a écrit :
> Hello everyone,
> The NSClient docs said to copy the commands into commands.cfg, I can't find this file anywhere in the /usr/loca/nagios directory.
> /usr/local/nagios/libexec contains:
> checkcommands.cfg and misccommands.cfg  what do I do in order to make this work???
> Thank you.
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