[Nagiosplug-help] Statusmap

Martin Hänsel haensel at prostep.de
Tue Jan 28 02:42:01 CET 2003


I'am Martin from Germany.
I have seen the Nagios Example on "http://nagios.square-box.com/" it's nice to see that.

I bulid up a Nagios Host in my firm, we have a running Nagios and would 
like to use the statusmap of Nagios to get a better overview about the 
problem sources.

I can see a picture when click on my status map but all of our hosts are 
on one point of the map.

To get a tactical Statusmap like "http://nagios.square-box.com/", what i have to do?
can anybody discripe me (short) what i must to do?


thank you!

sorry my bad english!


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