[Nagiosplug-help] check_nagios problem in FreeBSD

Voon, Ton Ton.Voon at egg.com
Tue Jul 15 01:41:38 CEST 2003


There has been quite a few changes to check_nagios in the upcoming r1.4. The
main one is to use the same ps command as check_procs. Someone else had
reported that FreeBSD should use ps waxco instead, so this is the one in

Can you download the latest HEAD version at
http://nagiosplug.sourceforge.net/snapshot/ and try that out?


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> Subject: [Nagiosplug-help] check_nagios problem in FreeBSD
> Hello,
> I wanted to search the archives for this, but the gmane 
> interface is a little aggravating and sourceforge wasn't responding.
> At least on my FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE machine, the check_nagios 
> plugin does not work as compiled from the port. The default 
> ps command seems to be "ps -weo 'stuff'" which does not 
> return process information for any but the calling user. 
> Since the user context should be nagios, it seems like this 
> ought to work. I tried to run the check_nagios plugin as root 
> and setuid nagios, but it wasn't working - the result was 
> always something like 'cannot find nagios process!'. This was 
> prompted by the CGI never being able to tell if the nagios 
> process was alive or not.
> I ended up changing the configure script and configure.in so 
> that the ps command was ps -axweo instead of ps -weo. I was 
> wondering if there is a better way to 'fix' this problem and 
> if the additional output from the altered ps command will 
> confuse nagios or make other things not work correctly. 
> -Will

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