[Nagiosplug-help] RE: [Nagios-users] How do you test a large configuration?

Ira Harkness ira at mse.ufl.edu
Wed Jun 25 10:11:26 CEST 2003

You could try adding a new linux box that runs various services (pop, imap,
www, ftp) and try turning off those services one at a time and seeing if
nagios notices.  Then take the box offline and see if you get a check_ping

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I have a practical problem.  I've been running Nagios for a couple weeks now
on my laptop, adapting more and more of the configuration data from our
current system.  At this point I have

    * 155 host definitions
    * 159 hostextinfo definitions
    * 205 service definitions
    * 63 contact grounds
    * 18 contacts
    * 25 escalations

and various smaller numbers of other definitions.

Now I have a practical problem.  Given that many of the systems being
monitored are critical and can't be taken down to test that stuff works
properly, how do I go about testing my configuration?  When I reload the
system it obviously checks some things for me.  Other stuff, "leaf
information", isn't so easy to check automatically (emails, pager numbers,
missing service definitions, escalation ordering, etc).

To the greated extent possible, I'd like to avoid discovering mistakes in my
configuration when a machine goes down and nobody notices.  Other than
(actually, in addition to) tediously desk checking everything, do people
have any suggestions for checking large configurations?


Skip Montanaro
skip at pobox.com
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