[Nagiosplug-help] SNMP questions

David C. Kovar kovar at kealia.com
Mon Mar 3 17:24:26 CET 2003


I seem to be struggling to successfully monitor various systems using
the snmp plugins.

First, a question - It seems to me that there is a lower performance
penalty if I use SNMP as opposed to the various other ways of running
nagios plugins remotely. In particular, firing up a ssh connection each
time I want to check my disk space seems excessively "painful". Is this

Secondly, does anyone have a services.cfg file that provides examples
for using the various snmp checks? I keep tinkering with mine and
getting invalid results or errors. One good example should help a lot,
and several good examples would be even better.

I found the command.cfg file in the plugins package, and the conversion
tool, but no examples of calling the plugins. Did I miss something?

Thanks very much.


David C. Kovar <kovar at kealia.com>

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